Dream it, Do it…

“If you dream crossing the ocean, you need to have the courage to lose the sight of the shore where you are on and enormous zeal to find one on the other side.” This is one of the most valuable quotes, we should stand on today which not only helps us to circumvent the difficult situations in our career and personal life but also gives us the nudge to look at life in a “possible & positive” perspective.

There always comes a point in life, a road to choose from one obvious curious career direction and rest of many other thousand ways of one’s perceived practicality. Of course, for the entire reasons one has to worry about many a thing in his life, financial responsibilities, health concerns, family issues, you name them and you got one. Especially, growing in a third world country, I couldn’t help but see myriad number of people succumb to these onerous reasons and I wouldn’t argue with any on their judgment as one is solely capable to make a choice amidst their difficult circumstances. Fortunately, I did come across a handful of people who of course made a choice against their natural calling and yet figured a way or at least determined to cross the path of something they love one day. Looking at the zeal people have in achieving something and the desire to fulfill it while facing the obvious obstacles, I push to question myself on the basic stance I stand on today, “do I want to or I have to”. I have understood that it is mostly to do with my effort and willingness than always existing gazillion issues that I bawl upon.

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