Friends & Life

“Friendship”, the word which can never be explained better than experienced. Looking back into the memory lane, I cannot help but get surprised how life has been very special to me within no time since I am a kid. The new bicycle that I got when I was seven, the finger nail that was chipped while playing cricket, my new found crush when I was fourteen, that secret little cigarette puff when I was sixteen, the warden’s torture in the boarding schools, yummy paani puri’s on the road sides, the exciting first days in the college and the emotional last days, bunking classes & flunking exams, getting proposed and making proposals, the study nightout’s transforming into late night parties. I often wonder would this journey be so special if I hadn’t had my best companions on my side, would the bicycle be as enjoyable as it was if they weren’t there, would the torture in boarding school be as easy as it was if they weren’t there, would those classes bunked or exams flunked be as funny as they were if friends weren’t there…….would my life be as special as it is if they aren’t there.

It is true that every body has a story to tell and someone special in their lives. Let’s take this moment to look back in to life and see who laid out the crucial steps to make us what we are today and celebrate the existence and significance of such wonderful people in our lives.

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